Lantern Lane Farm is a unique place with a unique mission. That mission takes a lot of late hours, telephone calls, and people to make it possible. It takes many volunteers working behind the scenes to make it the peaceful oasis that it is and to keep it running smoothly. That is where you come in, right here, right now!

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Volunteer Areas of Need

            Maintenance                                   Gardening & Landscaping                              

            Office Assistance                              Fundraising

            Animal Care                                    Special Event Help 


Below are some suggestions on ways you can help.  Sign up here through the interest form below.

As an Individual...

  • Champions: Have a passion or expertise? You could serve as point-of-contact for that area's volunteers and assist/train. 
  • Team Volunteers: Only have an hour a week? Or maybe just one day a month? Whatever you can spare, we are glad to have you! 
  • Urgent Need Team: Contact is made when an urgent need arises. For example, tornado clean up, or a push to ensure projects end on time. Note: Being placed on the list does not obligate you to volunteer. You are simply made aware of opportunities as they arise.

As a Business/ Group...

  • Work Day: We can coordinate with you according to the group's skill sets. 
  • Team Volunteer: As a group, commit to a regular schedule of service where you send one person from your group at a designated date/time to assist.   

To express interest in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the form below and click submit. We will be in touch soon and cannot wait to partner with you.

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