How can I get involved?


Lantern Lane Farm is a unique place with a unique mission. That mission takes a lot of late hours, telephone calls, and people to make it possible. It takes many volunteers working behind the scenes to make Lantern Lane the peaceful oasis that it is and to keep it running smoothly. That is where you come in, right here, right now!

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We are able to accomplish great things at Lantern Lane because of our wonderful volunteers.  Without our volunteers, we would be just another counseling center; just another farm. From the beginning, Lantern Lane has relied on their skills, dedication, and generosity to help keep the farm the peaceful oasis that it is.  From keeping our flower beds beautiful to helping kids learn how to make jam, from designing newsletters to grooming horses, we have a place you can serve.  Volunteers come to us as individuals, families or members of school organizations, churches, synagogues, civic and social organizations, and corporations. There is no minimum time requirement for volunteering.  Whether you can help for one hour, one day a week, once a month; whether it's once a week onsite at the farm, or as needed working from home.  We are thankful for any time that you can spare to help us in our mission of creating a safe place.  

Below are some suggestions on ways you can help.  Sign up here through the downloadable Volunteer Form.

As an Individual...

  • Champions: Have a passion? Why not become the "champion" for that area of need at Lantern Lane Farm? Responsibilities would include serving as point-of-contact for that area's volunteers and assisting/training new volunteers.  
  • Team Volunteers: Only have an hour a week? Or maybe just one day a month? Whatever you can spare, we are glad to have you! Just give us a call and let us know when you are available, and we will help you find an area that you can help with that day. 
  • Urgent Need Team: Join our Urgent Need Team and we will contact you when we have an urgent volunteer need arise.  For example, a push to ensure construction projects end on time could result in a call to volunteers for help meeting the deadline.  Note: Being placed on the list does not obligate you to volunteer.  You are simply made aware of opportunities as they come up.

As a Business/Group...

  • Work Day: Contact us and set up a work day for your group.  Depending on your group, we can coordinate with you according to your skill sets.  We can even arrange a family friendly volunteer opportunity.  
  • Team Volunteer: As a group, commit to a regular schedule of service where you send one person from your group at a designated date/time to assist.   

Volunteer Areas of Need

              Maintenance                                    Gardening & Landscaping

              Animal Care                                     Fundraising

              Special Events                                   Prayer