Marriage Intensives and Seminars

Lantern Lane Farm offers three types of Marriage Restoratives, providing couples the opportunity to step out of their daily routines and get to the heart of what really matters in their relationship. In many cases, equine assistance is used during therapy sessions. Currently all Marriage Restoratives are lead by our Clinical Director and Lead Therapist, Ralph Cook. 

  • Pricing options are available.

  • Special pricing arrangements and considerations apply for military couples.

  • Please contact (615) 973-5454 for further information.

Click HERE to download our Marriage Intensive Brochure.

A testimony from a recent participant:

“Having had extremely positive experiences with both personal and marital counseling at Lantern Lane Farm, my husband and I decided to partake on an intensive therapy weekend there with Ralph, the founder. It was clear from the outset that Ralph has a wealth of experience in this area, an abundance of training and a brilliant and sensitive approach to helping others whilst absolutely meeting their individual and joint needs. We were given plenty of time to express our feelings, concerns and problems in a safe, calm and inviting environment. With Ralph’s gentle guidance we were able to spend the weekend working through many issues. Having found a lot of the tools we learned and exercised with Ralph invaluable, we were able to gain experience and confidence in utilizing them correctly together with him and then took them home to use ourselves going forward, which has been brilliant.

The option of keeping the therapy faith-based was not intrusive at all, and the work we did together was in no way forced which helped us to open up wholeheartedly and trust the process. It was such a truly excellent weekend, we were able to work through many difficulties and grow together personally, as a couple and in our faith with Ralph showing us the way. We felt incredibly supported, heard and loved in the process allowing us to gain so many positive outcomes. If ever needed, we would do another intensive with Ralph in a heartbeat and fully recommend his work to anyone who is looking to benefit in improving not only the relationships in their life but their own health and well-being also.”

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The 2-day retreat at Lantern Lane Farm will provide couples the opportunity to develop new ways of communicating, teach tools for resolving conflict, and show how to create emotional safety for one another.

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Seminars are a 2-3 hour restorative event held at and tailored for your church or organization.

Contact Lantern Lane Farm to learn how a tailored seminar can help the members of your church or organization move forward.


Private Counseling

Private counseling is also available to couples who prefer or need a more private setting.

Lantern Lane Farm’s country setting provides a safe place where couples can get away to breathe, connect and find peace.